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MIAF is a boutique style conference that will bring about 25-30 association professionals representing international and Canadian associations and non-profits from different type of organizations and backgrounds together. It promisses to be a highly engaging forum.

We will discuss the ,how to’ and bring the discussion on developments and capacity building to the next level. Moving from the theory, making it practical and sharing real life scenarios that worked and didn’t work for other associations and non-profits.

The Montreal's International Association Forum promotes cross-collaboration between industry sectors, helps build capacities and strengthens associations' position in Canada and internationally within their networks. In addition, delegates of MIAF benefit from sources and resources aligned with and linked to the global ASSOCIATIONWORLD community, the Brussels International Association Forum (BIAF), the Geneva International Association Forum (GIAF), the Washington International Association Forum (WIAF) and recently launched the Irish Association Forum (IAF).

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